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Фатална грешка от MySQL ManagerФайл: /usr/noc/www/domains/dasweltauto.mk/managers/mysql.php, ред: 30
База: dasweltauto_mk
Заявка: SELECT usedcaroffer.*, brand.name AS brandName, model.name AS modelName, fuel.name_mk AS fuelName, dealer.name AS dealerName, city.name AS cityName, door.name AS doorName, gear.name_mk AS gearName, IF (aprice>0,aprice,price) AS priceOrder FROM usedcaroffer, brand, model, fuel, dealer, city, door, gear WHERE usedcaroffer.brandId = brand.brandId AND usedcaroffer.modelId = model.modelId AND usedcaroffer.fuelId = fuel.fuelId AND usedcaroffer.dealerId = dealer.dealerId AND dealer.cityId = city.cityId AND usedcaroffer.doorId = door.doorId AND usedcaroffer.gearId = gear.gearId AND usedcarofferstatusId IN (1,3,7) GROUP BY usedcaroffer.usedcarofferId ORDER BY price ASC LIMIT -6, 6
Номер на грешката: (1064)
Хост: www2.spvision.net
База: dasweltauto_mk
Грешка: You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '-6, 6' at line 34